Writer Maung Thway Chun allegedly wanted for sedition

25 May 2018
Writer Maung Thway Chun allegedly wanted for sedition
Writer Maung Thway Chun aka Myint Soe.

Writer Maung Thway Chun aka Myint Soe told Mizzima that he had not yet been informed about being charged with sedition and was not in custody.
Sagaing Region, Minkin Township, Deputy Administrative Officer Naing Naing Zaw lodged a direct complaint at Minkin Township Court on May 21 against Maung Thway Chun for an alleged lecture at a Talk Show.
A township magistrate accepted the complaint and issued an arrest warrant to the Township Police Force.
Maung Thway Chun said, “This is the rumor mill which disseminates wishful thinking based on groundless facts. The people who are malicious, jealou and prejudiced are disseminating such rumors. In fact there might be a case but the court or police force or township administrative office has not yet contacted me in this regard, not at all.”
Sagaing Legislative Assembly, legislator Kyaw San from Minkin constituency said that Maung Thway Chun said at the talk show that Christians were elected to the post of speakers of both houses though there were many Buddhist MPs in parliament so Buddhism would disappear in the country soon.
Maung Thway Chun was a leading figure of Ma Ba Tha which was disbanded after being declared an unlawful association.