Ethnic politicians confident of election success

Ethnic politicians and parliamentarians anticipate making significant gains in the November 8 election, reported on 15 July.

These gains should give them a greater say in shaping the future of not only their respective minorities, but of the country as a whole, they say.

Je Yaw Wu, an Upper House lawmaker from Putao in Kachin State, believes there will be more ethnic MPs in the new parliament as a result of changes in the political climate over the last few years.

Ethnic and religious minorities have a greater understanding over their own situation and believe having their own representation in parliament will play a greater “role in speeding up reform, and bringing an end to ethnic conflicts with the central government,” the lawmaker is quoted as saying.

No Than Kup from the Chin Progressive Party also believes that religious and ethnic minorities would play a greater role in the new parliament.

“I expect more Christian and more ethnic MPs will win seats in a new parliament so ethnic diversity can play a greater role in decision making especially in choosing the country’s president,” No Than Kup told

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