Political campaigning hit by floods and war

Flood damage and armed clashes with ethnic armies across large areas of Myanmar are slowing the work of political campaigns as the country prepares for national elections, RFA reported on 24 September quoting sources in the affected regions.

Voters in 14 townships in five flood-hit regions will now have little more than a week in which to review registration lists, many of them badly out of date, to ensure their names have been properly entered, Myanmar’s Union Election Commission (UEC) announced on Thursday.

Transportation in some of the country’s worst-damaged areas is still blocked hindering political campaigners in their work, local sources told RFA’s Myanmar Service on Thursday.

Meanwhile, fighting in Kachin State between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and government troops has also closed roads and made travel dangerous, Htun Aung Khine, an election commission officer for Kachin state, said.

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