Gold Smuggling Ring Busted

12 May 2015
Gold Smuggling Ring Busted
Smuggling ring busted Photo: EPA

A gold smuggling ring operating between Myanmar and India has been busted according to reports in the New Indian Express. The smugglers had been bringing in crude gold bars from Myanmar through the Moreh transit point by road and then flying from Imphal to either Kolkata or Delhi and then on to their fencing destination, Chennai - nearly 3212 kilometres away from the Burmese border. Apparently, the smugglers employed by the gang carried the contraband in their rectums for the length of the long journey.
Members of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) were able to arrest six carriers on Sunday according to the report the smugglers normally travel in pairs. According to an official each man had two packets in their rectum, with 3 bars each. These bars were rolled into two layers of carbon or graphite paper and then taped into a smooth surfaced body with black insulation tape. Apparently, the methods used are virtually undetectable on most scanners and body x-ray machines.
All the six men have been charged and remanded to custody.