Israel’s High Court rules on Myanmar military sales, decision to remain secret

Photo: Senior General Min Aung Hlaing/Facebook

Israel’s High Court ruled Wednesday on a petition against Israel's weapons sales to Myanmar Haaretz reported on 27 September. However, the court decision must remain secret because the judges hearing the case issued a gag order on it at the request of the state.

At a Monday hearing, state representatives reiterated their position that the court shouldn’t interfere with Israel's foreign relations and not tell it which countries it is permitted to sell arms to.

According to the Haaretz report, every Israeli company that wants to sell weapons to foreign countries must receive approval from the state. However, the state has not confirmed or denied whether there is a permit to sell arms to Myanmar.

The state attorney explained Israel’s relations with Myanmar to the justices in a closed-door session after Monday's hearing. In the part of the session open to the public, the state representative, the attorney refused to comment on the issue or state whether Israel would stop arming Myanmar’s military, the report said.

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