Myanmar joins three other nations in drugs war

30 April 2015
Myanmar joins three other nations in drugs war
Cracking down on drug traffickers - Alleged drug trafficker, French national Jonathan Plant (L), 40, is escorted by police officers for a press conference at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok, Thailand, July 30, 2014. Photo: EPA

The day after Indonesia executed eight drug dealers, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and China vowed to ratchet up a combined anti-drug war they insisted is making progress, reports the Bangkok Post on April 30.
The four nations have agreed to promote regional drugs cooperation during an extension of the second phase of an operation to fight narcotics production and distribution in the upper Mekong region and the Golden Triangle. They reached the agreement on April 29 at the first ministerial meeting of the Safe Mekong Joint Operation in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The second phase of the four nations anti-drug activities began on Jan 12. 
The four main areas of cooperation include suppressing drugs production and trafficking areas, and calling for Vietnam, South Korea, India and Cambodia to take part in finding solutions to prevent the smuggling of drug precursors and chemical substances into the region. 
The Golden Triangle is a region where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet. It is notorious as a drugs production base and opium plantation area in Southeast Asia. 
Thailand had asked the Chinese government to help provide funds to support drugs suppression and prevention work in Myanmar and Laos.