Refugees made homeless by fire to get new homes

20 April 2015
Refugees made homeless by fire to get new homes
The refugee camp was badly damaged by the fire. Photo:TBC

Refugees who lost their homes to fire that tore through a Karenni camp in early April, will have their homes rebuilt in early May, reports Karen News on April 19.
The fire that broke out on April 7, destroyed 188 houses and made homeless 867 refugees. The Karenni Camp No. 1, also known as Ban Mai Nai Soi, is on the Thai-Myanmar border in Mae Hong Song Province.
Naw Khu Paw, deputy chairperson of the Karenni Refugee Committee said reconstruction efforts have already started, but the rebuilding of new homes will start in early May 2015.
The Border Consortium, a coalition of INGO’s that has administered aid to the camps along the Thai Myanmar border for over two decades, ran a funding appeal for donors and its member organizations to rebuild the refugee homes.