Russian President calls for united front against terrorists

07 December 2015
Russian President calls for united front against terrorists
Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his annual address to the Federal Assembly in St. George's Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow. Photo: ALEXEY NIKOLSKY / SPUTNIK / KREMLIN POOL /EPA

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a common anti-terrorist front that will act in line with international law and under the UN aegis, in his annual state of the nation address to the Russian Federation on Friday.
“Every civilized country must contribute to the fight against terrorism, reaffirming their solidarity, not in word but in deed,” he said. 
“This means that the terrorists must not be given refuge anywhere. There must be no double standards. No contacts with terrorist organizations. No attempts to use them for self-seeking goals. No criminal business with terrorists.”
His remarks came amid calls for Myanmar to take extra security precautions following reports that 10 suspected members of the so-called Islamic State (IS) terrorist group had entered neighbouring Thailand, according to Staff Brigadier General Thura Boni, speaking to Mizzima on Friday.
Thai Special Forces said that it had received information from Russian intelligence that 10 Syrian nationals who are believed to be members of the Islamic State had entered Thailand between Oct. 15 - 31. 
Reuters reported on Dec. 4 that four IS suspects travelled to the Thai seaside resort of Pattaya, another two suspects had reached Phukhet, two suspects were in Bangkok and the destination of the remaining two was unclear.  
Without naming the country, Putin blamed the United States for the political disaray in the Middle East. He said Syria poses a “particularly high threat for Russia. Many of them are citizens of Russia and the CIS countries.”
“They get money and weapons and build up their strength. If they get sufficiently strong to win there, they will return to their home countries to sow fear and hatred, to blow up, kill and torture people. We must fight and eliminate them there, away from home.”
Recalling past clashes with terrorist groups, Putin said Russia’s strength “lies in the free development of all its peoples, its diversity, the harmony of cultures, languages and traditions, mutual respect for and dialogue between all faiths, including Christians, Muslims, Judaists and Buddhists.”
“We must firmly resist any manifestation of extremism and xenophobia while defending our ethnic and religious accord, which is the historical foundation of our society and the Russian statehood,” he said.