Authorities tighten security at Letpadan protest site

10 March 2015
Authorities tighten security at Letpadan protest site
Students and monks protest at Letpadan, Bago region on March 9, 2015. Photo: Thet Ko/Mizzima

Letpadan – The police cordon around student protesters in Letpadan has been tightened, preventing them leaving to travel to Yangon and adding restrictions on journalists entering the cordoned-off area.
The security police posted at the top of Kyunkalay Anoutphak Kam Road in Letpadan, who blocked the protestors’ passage, have been carrying out security checks on people entering or leaving the area, beginning at 10 am on March 9.
According to a police officer, if a reporter leaves the cordoned off area, he or she will not be allowed to re-enter during the night.
Security checks have been increased with the police now recording reporters’ names, news agencies and the ID numbers on their media cards. Moreover, the reporters have to sign every time they enter or exit the protest site.
“This is due to the instruction given by our superior officer,” a police officer told Mizzima.
The students have called for the blockade to be lifted by 10 am on March 10.
The statement says, “We would like to urgently announce that if the government fails to solve the problem by 10 am on March 10, and if that leads to adverse consequences, the responsibility must be taken by the government.”
The statement adds that the student protestors, who are demanding changes to the National Education Law, reject being blocked and wish to continue on to Yangon using cars, in accordance with their demands.