DKBA and government troops in firefight

13 March 2015
DKBA and government troops in firefight
Democratic Karen Benevolent Army soldiers marching during 19th anniversary of DKBA day held on the Thai-Myanmar border in Kayin State on December 21, 2013. Photo: Hong Sar/Mizzima

Fighting between government troops and soldiers from the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army broke out March 11 at around 2 pm near Kawkareik Town, according to Karen News on March 12.
DKBA sources confirmed to Karen News that the fighting was between the government’s Light Infantry Battalion 231, under its Military Operation Command 12, based at Kyaung Sha Gon and Ywa Thit villages, four miles south of Kawkariek Town and the DKBA troop Battalion 907 under its Klo Htoo Wah Military Command.
The DKBA’s Colonel Saw Kyaw Thet spoke to Karen News about the fighting.
“The fighting was not with Major San Aung’s group. The fighting broke out as government troops came into our controlled territory. We have told them not to come into our area. But they came, [without permission] so there was fighting,” he said.