Undercover Mon State police monitor student protesters

11 March 2015
Undercover Mon State police monitor student protesters
Two student protesters are dragged by members of a pro-government paramilitary group, the so-called Swan-Arr-Shin in Myanmar, during a crackdown on a students' protest which demands amendments to the National Education Bill in Yangon, Myanmar, March 5, 2015. Photo: Lamin Tun/EPA

Plain clothes police officers are closely monitoring university students protesting the National Education Bill in Moulmein, Mon State, reports Burma News International on March 10.
Protesting student Ko Kyaw Min Naung from Mawlamyine University remarked that some of those police and intelligence officers watching the students look like thugs, not police, causing concern for the students’ safety, according to the Independent Mon News Agency.
According to Ko Tin Htoo Aung, from the Mon State Students’ Union, plain clothes police officers are putting great pressure on the students as they keep a close eye on their activities.
“With them watching us closely, we are not able to do anything. To speak frankly, whenever we hang out at coffee shops, a minute later policemen and men from intelligence groups come and take up all the seats in the shop. They are in plain clothes. At schools, the police are watching the students all throughout the day," he told the news agency.
Under the constant eye of the authorities Mon State students face difficulties in organizing the movement against the educational law, as well as difficulties in focusing on their studies.
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