59th joint patrol starts on Mekong River

59th joint patrol starts on Mekong River
(FILES) Laos armed army soldiers patrol in a speedboat past a small fishing boat bearing the Laos flag on the less than one kilometer wide Mekong River, the natural border between Thailand and Laos where the Laos capital Vientiane is situated, Sunday 28 November 2004. Photo: EPA

A new round of joint patrols on the Mekong River with law enforcers from China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, started from a Chinese port Tuesday. 
Eight ships and 204 law enforcers participated in the 59th mission since 2011. The ships set sail from Guanlei Port in Xishuangbanna, southwest China's Yunnan Province, and will travel over 500 kilometers. 
During the new joint patrol, law enforcers will carry out anti-narcotics propaganda and review the current narcotics situation and crackdown. 
The patrol came ahead of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on June 26. 
The joint patrols started in December 2011 to tackle safety concerns after a gang hijacked two cargo ships and killed 13 Chinese sailors in Thai waters on Oct. 5, 2011.
Courtesy Global Times