Macau promotes Chinese expats as a willing labor force

05 April 2016
Macau promotes Chinese expats as a willing labor force
Macau Myanmar Friendship Association (MMFA) delegation group visiting Bagan. Photo: Macau Myanmar Friendship

The Macau Myanmar Friendship Association (MMFA) has organized a business trip to Yangon and Bagan to develop trade relations with the country and encourage the use of Chinese expatriates in its burgeoning labor market, the Macau Daily Times reported.
Chinese ambassador to Myanmar, Chen Chen, met with the delegation and said: “Myanmar has been full of great opportunities since the reform.”
He said that by supporting the development of Myanmar, China’s main goal is simply to “advance the country,” and added that China is encouraging Myanmar to ease its policies towards expatriates.
“The Myanmar government can avail [itself of] the services offered by Chinese expatriated human resources,” Chen said.
The Macau delegation sees the new government as promoting a healthy environment for young companies from Macau that wish to expand their businesses to the country.
The visit is seen as another step in a platform of China’s expansion into the region.