Myanmar migrants captured on camera at Bangkok exhibition

04 October 2016
Myanmar migrants captured on camera at Bangkok exhibition

Mekong Migration Network (MMN) and SEA Junction are presenting Beyond “Tolerance”: Living Together with Migrants, a photo exhibition and documentary video, in collaboration with documentary photographer Mr. John Hulme, in Bangkok from 8-16 October.
The exhibition and documentary include a broad range of photos capturing the aspirations and struggles of Myanmar migrants and other nationals in the destination and home countries of Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Japan, according to a press release.
The majority of the migrants in Thailand come from Myanmar.
Migrants continue to be treated by Mekong governments as if they are purely “temporary”, but how long is “temporary”? How long can one stay somewhere without hoping for a sense of belonging and acceptance? How long before one is allowed to play a full role in society?
The exhibition invites Thai and wider Mekong society to look at what needs to change so that we can go beyond “tolerance” and embrace the friendship and contributions migrants bring to communities.
According to the organizers, “Tolerance” suggests that society should “put up” with others despite their differences. In this increasingly interconnected world it is not productive or helpful to differentiate people in such a way. “We should instead work towards establishing a society where everyone can live together as equals,” they say.