Myanmar nationals can apply as ship technicians in Thailand

Ranong. Photo:Australien 200/Flickr

Thailand’s Department of Employment (DOE) will allow foreign ship workers to apply as technicians, in a move to deal with labour shortages in the fishing industry the National News Bureau of Thailand reported on 30 July. 

According to DOE Director-General Sumet Mahosot, the new policy applies to workers from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia who have already obtained work permits. 

Employees who have acquired ship technician certificates issued by the government can apply for the position change via the Department of Employment. The processing fee is 1,100 baht. 

The processing fee is 3,100 baht for foreign workers who have completed their nationality verification or those contracted under a memorandum of understanding. 

However, ship workers holding pink one-year work permits are still unable to upgrade their jobs, pending an executive order from the PM Office. 

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