Raid on six Tak locations with suspected link to human trafficking

07 October 2016
Raid on six Tak locations with suspected link to human trafficking
A woman standing in front of Tak immigration checkpoint in Mae Sot, Tak province in northern Thailand. Photo: EPA

A foreign national was charged with providing shelter to illegal Myanmar migrant workers during raids on six locations in Mae Sot district with suspected links to the trafficking of Rohingya migrants and illicit drugs.
Narcotics suppression and immigration police, accompanied by soldiers searched a shophouse in tambon Mae Sot on Thursday night.
The owner Jor Tee Ha, his wife and children were found inside, together with two Myanmar women without proper documents. No evidence of human or drug trafficking was found.
Mr Jor, known as Ayub Khan, was charged with sheltering the two illegal immigrants. The Immigration Bureau will also revoke the visas of Mr Jor and his family. The two Myanmar women were charged with illegal entry and will be sent back home.
The nationality of Mr Jor and his family was not released, but believed to be Myanmar.
The team also raided five other locations, but found no evidence of criminal offences.
A security agency official said the raids were part of a clampdown on people involved in criminal offences ahead of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) summit, which begins in Bangkok on Saturday.