Refugee transferred to Cambodia returns to Myanmar

16 October 2015
Refugee transferred to Cambodia returns to Myanmar
Refugees in the refugee camp on the Island of Nauru. Photo: EPA

Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten has labelled the Government's controversial resettlement deal with Cambodia "pathetic" following confirmation that one of four refugees transferred under the $55 million pact has returned to Myanmar, ABC reported on 16 October.
Three Iranians and an ethnic Rohingya man left Nauru in May and landed in Phnom Penh a month later.
The Cambodian government reportedly said the man asked to go because he was homesick.
Australia is giving the Cambodian government $40 million in extra aid after it agreed to take refugees who tried to reach Australia by boat.
The Government is also paying an additional $15.5 million to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to support the refugees who move there, the report said.