UNFC conference begins in Chiang Mai

21 June 2017
UNFC conference begins in Chiang Mai
Photo: Phanida/Mizzima

Although five armed groups have submitted applications to join the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), the current UNFC conference will not decide right now whether they will be accepted as member groups or not, said the UNFC vice chairman Nai Hong Sar.
“IF KIO resigns from the UNFC, KNO will likely re-join the UNFC. When the UNFC was formed, KNO was a member. We temporarily dismissed CNF from the UNFC. But they want to re-join the UNFC. And the Kuki National Organization also submitted an application to join UNFC a long time. So, we will consider them, too. Another group is Zomi. We will have to consider them too,” said Nai Hong Sar.
Later, a committee will be formed to decide whether the groups will be accepted as new UNFC members.
But the government has said that if new groups join the UNFC, it will stop negotiations with the UNFC.
In the current conference, the UNFC will discuss matters related to the member groups that have submitted resignation letters, and the UNFC will find ways to avoid their resignation, said Nai Hong Sar.
Although KIO has submitted a resignation letter, it is not sure whether KIO will actually resign from the UNFC. But it is almost sure that the Wa National Organization (WNO) will resign from the UNFC because the WNO will join the United Wa State Party, according to Nai Hong Sar.