About 25,000 affected in flood in Taungoo and Oktwin

01 September 2018
About 25,000 affected in flood in Taungoo and Oktwin
Flood victims. Photo: Mizzima

After the spillway structure failure in Swar dam, the Sittang River overflowed and caused a caused a flood which has affected about 25,000 people from over 56 Wards and Villages in Taungoo and Oktwin in Taungoo District, Bago Region in the morning of August 31.

The people from flooded area shifted to nearby relief camps hurriedly erected using bamboo rafts and car tyre tubes. The villagers who remained in the village shifted to higher ground in their villages and they are expecting food which will be delivered to them.

Most of the villagers are concerned over their future as the crops they grow will be damaged by the flood water and it will greatly affect their livelihood, although they are currently getting relief supplies from donors.

A major relief effort is underway. The small outboard motorboats are shuttling back and forth in flooded fields, soldiers and firefighters are providing flood relief work and responsible officials from the departments concerned are seen in this area.

Many donors are providing food supplies and other support in the relief camps and other needy areas.