Hla Oo, a farmer from Ayeyarwady Region's Pantanaw Township, served a one-year prison term in 2013 for trespassing after she ploughed farmland that was seized from her. (Photo: Phyo Thiha Cho / Myanmar Now)
30 March 2016
As darkness fell in Khanwebo on the night of February 3, a sudden ruckus erupted when...
Chit San, a former soldier and political prisoner who suffered from symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after he was released. (PHOTO CREDIT:- Connor Macdonald/Myanmar Now)
21 March 2016
In May 1989, as the military junta continued its brutal crackdown on those linked to the...
Khee Khee Phown, left, on the long walk to her rural school. Photo: Hong Sar/Mizzima
19 March 2016
Khee Khee Phown is torn between her family’s farm and the potential freedom that...
Photo: Hong Sar/Mizzima
16 March 2016
Nestled among towers of mouldering paperwork, the few flickering computer screens at...
Photo: Thet Ko/Mizzima
12 March 2016
Although reforms made by the outgoing Union Solidarity and Development Party improved...
U Htin Kyaw, (left) when Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was released in Yangon on 13 November 2010. Photo: EPA
10 March 2016
Myanmar’s new Lower House nominated four individuals as presidential candidates on...
Staff at work in the dispensary of one of the MSF clinics providing medical care and treatment for patients with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or sexually transmitted diseases in Yangon. Photo: P.K. Lee/MSF
07 March 2016
When her father died of AIDS in 2003, Pyae Phu Khaing* was just three years old, and only...
A Kachin farmer in Wai Maw township in Kachin State kneeling down on a plot of land confiscated from him by a company. (Photo: Thin Lei Win/Myanmar Now) 
23 February 2016
La Laung Daung Nan vividly remembers the last day of April 2015.
Poor slums are springing up in the suburbs of Yangon. (Photo: Connor Macdonald/Myanmar Now)
22 February 2016
Sitting in a tea-shop next door to the National League for Democracy’s Hlaing Tharyar...
A typical hostel in downtown Yangon. Photo: Myanmar Now
20 February 2016
Myanmar’s cities are attracting an increasing number of rural poor, but efforts to...
Thai soldiers secure the area next to shelters after discovering another abandoned jungle camp believed used by the human traffickers to detain Rohingya migrants at a mountain in Sadao, Thai-Malaysian border district, Songkhla province, southern Thailand, 12 May 2015. Photo: EPA
19 February 2016
After Husaina’s 20-year-old son fled poverty and discrimination in Myanmar’s Rakhine...
Tamils celebrate Thaipusam in Yangon. Photo: Katri Heinamaki
13 February 2016
Folk history holds that the names Burma and Myanmar come from the name of the deity...