Illegal aliens from Sagaing watermelon and muskmelon farms deported

04 October 2018
Illegal aliens from Sagaing watermelon and muskmelon farms deported
Photo: Ministry of Commerce

Sagaing Region government minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation said today at the assembly that some foreigners were working illegally at watermelon and muskmelon farms in Sagaing Region and they using illegal pesticides.

Minister Kam Zar Hmong said at assembly session that some foreigners stayed and worked illegally at watermelon and muskmelon farms with produce being exported through 105-milepost Sino-Myanmar Trading Centre. 38 illegal aliens were deported last year and this year and one of these illegal foreigners were prosecuted.

The Minister answered a question from Aung Kyaw from Butalin constituency regarding illegal Chinese nationals working at these watermelons and muskmelons farms he also said that the government did monthly regular foreigner control and verification work.

Legislator Aung Kyaw told Myanmar Now that minister did not disclose the nationality of these deported foreigners at assembly session but they were possibly Chinese nationals.

After having high demand in the Chinese market the watermelon and muskmelon farms flourished rapidly in Sagaing Region and there were over 31,000 acres in this area in a 2107-18 financial year.

The minister said that officials from the Agriculture Department found illegal pesticide and fertilizers used on these farms.

The minister said that Sagaing Region government prosecuted two companies for using fertilizers which were not registered in Myanmar and they seized nearly 1,500 bags of fertilizers with labels in the Chinese language which were to be sprayed on leaves.

The minister added that they informed retailers of fertilizers and pesticides not to use products unregistered with Myanmar government.