A man uses a mobile phone at a tea shop in Yangon, Myanmar, June 27, 2013. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA
Friday, March 20 2015

It is easy to be cynical about mobile phone companies. Their raison d’etre is to make hefty profits, right? 

Tuesday, March 17 2015

Relations between Myanmar and China have been strained by the fighting that erupted in the Kokang region on February 9 between government troops and forces loyal to Pyone Kyar Shin, who heads the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army. It is the most serious fighting in the region since 2009, when the MNDAA was ousted from power in fighting that followed its refusal to form a border guard force under Tatmadaw command. Mizzima’s Kay Zue discussed the relationship between Nay Pyi Taw and Beijing in an interview with U Sein Win Aung, who was Myanmar’s ambassador to China from 2000 to 2003.

Tuesday, March 17 2015

At the Defence Services Museum in Nay Pyi Taw there are cabinets devoted to the peace-making exploits of ....

Sunday, March 15 2015

Dear Friend,

Since I last wrote to you, protests by students, workers and other groups continue to be a facet of everyday life in Myanmar. These events are in addition to fighting in the north of the country between government troops and Kokangrebels in and around the Laukkai area bordering China. It is always sad to hear of deaths and injuries from the battlefield.

Thursday, March 12 2015

Facebook is supposed to bring people together. But it can be divisive and problematic. We only have to look at recent incidents to see how it can incite hatred, anger or misunderstandings.

A worker hangs a large Chinese national flag covering a local government building to celebrate the upcoming National Day in downtown Qingdao city, eastern China's Shandong province, September 30, 2011. Photo: Wun Hong/EPA
Thursday, March 5 2015

Myanmar’s relationship with China has always been uneasy. After Chairman Mao assumed power in 1949, remnants of the Kuomintang fled into northern Myanmar, creating all kinds of problems for the newly independent government that was already dealing with a widespread armed ethnic insurgency. The US eagerly supported the KMT.

Monday, March 2 2015

In the old days it wasn’t easy to get to know Myanmar government officials. The system was designed to discourage too much fraternization with visiting foreigners.

Saturday, February 28 2015

Dear Friend,

I write to you today from Mizzima’s new headquarters on Pazungtaung Street in Yangon. It is an exciting time for Mizzima, but not only because of our new location. Today, we also celebrate the transition of our Myanmar language Daily News service from print copy to a digital format, as we embrace our drive as a pioneer of a new age of media for a new Myanmar.

Thursday, February 26 2015

How can journalists reconcile the need to share information with the danger that the news they report could potentially incite violence or spread panic?

Soe Myint in Mizzima's Yangon office
Thursday, February 26 2015
Last week two seemingly unrelated events attracted the attention of this writer. The first was the announcement in the state-run Global New Light of Myanmar that the temporary ID documents known as white cards will expire at the end of March and those who hold them will lose their voting rights.


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