Boat sinks, 7 dead 1 missing

Photo: RiA

A boat carrying pilgrims from Rakhine State, Ann Township, Gananpyin village-tracts, Kanbaw village during the Thingyan festival sank leaving seven dead and one missing.

The boat left Kanbwe village on April 12 in the evening and sank near Maylwan village, Minbya Township in Minkyaung River on April 13 at about 4 a.m., Minbya Myoma police station said.

Police Inspector Nyi Nyi from Minbya Myoma Police Station said, “We are investigating the cause of the sinking. We have recovered seven bodies, one male and six females. We rescued 51 people of which four are slightly injured with bruises.”

About 61 passengers were on board the boat. Most of the deaths are minors.The boat’s owner and boatman Aung Kyaw Thein, aged 42, are on the run.

Minbya Township Administrator Kyaw Soe Moe Tun said, “Injured passengers have been admitted to Minbya hospital. The passengers who survived are being provided with temporary shelter at Minbya Town prayer hall.” 

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