Myanmar president stresses harmonious efforts of workers, employers for national development

Myanmar's President Htin Kyaw. Photo: EPA

Myanmar President U Htin Kyaw on Monday stressed the need for both workers and employers to exert efforts to bring about national development. 

Describing workers and employers as the country's working force partners, U Htin Kyaw, in his message on the occasion of the Workers' Day, called on the two forces to work in unity and cooperation for the national growth. 

He emphasized prevalence of good labour relations in the workplace and reduction of labour dispute. 

Seeking advice from the International Labour Organization (ILO), U Htin Kyaw said the current labour-related laws will be reviewed and amended as necessary. 

He disclosed that the government has established labour exchange offices to help workers get access for employment and opened migrant resources centre across the country to assist migrant workers to solve their problem of working abroad, especially in South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. 

Relating to the four-year Myanmar Program on Elimination of Child Labour (2014 to 2017), he said the government was able to issue a detailed report on Feb. 10 this year, adding that insurance schemes have also been established to give social security protection to workers. 

Highlighting the amendment of labour organization law domestically, the president said workers themselves have been able to form labour organizations of their own and operate freely for the benefit of the community. 

Myanmar has 1,917 labour organizations at basic level, 105 at township level and 14 at region or state level, seven labour federations and one labour confederation.

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