NLD patron Tin Oo cannot yet speak but his condition improves

NLD patron Tin Oo. Photo: EPA

The condition of NLD patron Tin Oo is reportedly improving though he cannot yet speak and he is being treated in intensive care.

Tin Oo, 91, reportedly slipped in the bathroom of his house on May 17 at 11 p.m. and fell unconscious. He was then sent to hospital.

Doctors believe Tin Oo suffered a stroke.

Yangon General Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department chief and Prof. Dr. Khin Myo Hla said, “He cannot yet speak but he can respond to our requests. He could raise his hand when we asked him to do so. He could grasp my hand properly with full force with his unaffected hand when I asked him to do so. And he could raise his left leg when I asked him to do. His left hand side of the body is totally good. His right leg slightly moved but not yet in normal condition. He cannot yet speak but he could open his mouth wide when we asked him to do so. His condition is like that. His condition will gradually improve and it will depend on his endurance and response to the treatment.”

YGH MS Dr. Aye Ko said he may have slipped in the bathroom due to the stroke.

“I assume that his arteries which are supplying blood to the brain were clogged and he fell down in the bathroom. The cause of his disease was having blood clot in the brain. And the NLD patron has background history of hypertension and cardiac diseases. These circumstances led to this condition, Dr. Aye Ko said.

A committee of physicians and surgeons have been organized to treat Tin Oo.

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