Information Minister voices concern over social media posts at ethnic media conference

Union Minister for Information Ministry Dr Pe Myint says people posting material on social media has led to cases where they were charged under section 66(d) of the Telecommunications Law and there had been spillover into mainstream media.

The Union Information Minister was speaking at the Fifth Ethnic Media Conference that was held at the Town Hall in Loikaw, Kayah State this week.

Social media users have no training, no editing and no ethics, so it impacts other media, Dr Pe Myint said.

Those who assumed they had grievances from these posts responded by filing cases under section 66(d), and these cases became problematic, he added.

The 3-day conference opened on June 26 and concluded on June 28.

The conference was attended by Kayah State Chief Minister L Phaung Sho, Kayan State government cabinet members, Union Minister of Information Ministry Dr Pe Myint, responsible persons from Myanmar Media Council, and responsible persons from ethnic areas.

The controversial section 66(d) of the Telecommunications Law has been used in several instances to charge people who posted quotes and images on Facebook that were deemed derogatory. Overall, the number of cases brought under section 66(d) have risen under the tenure of the present government. Critics claim the section of the law is being misused and have called for it to be amended.

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