Local hopes for Hla Myat Thway as new Ayeyarwady CM

Ayeyarwady Region government Social Affairs Minister Dr. Hla Myat Thway. Photo: Min Min/Mizzima

Some local people said that they expected Ayeyarwady Region government Social Affairs Minister Dr. Hla Myat Thway will be promoted to the vacant Chief Ministerial post after former CM Mahn Jhonny was allowed to resign by the President on January 9.

Soe Hlaing Oo from 88-Generation Peace and Open Society told Mizzima on January 10: “People want a Chief Minister who can really work. People expect the person who understands about departmental work and who can run these departments to become CM. I see only two persons for this post from the current Ayeyarwady Region government. I hope and wish the current Social Affairs Minister becomes the new CM as she is fit to engage with government departments and CSOs.”

A local resident from Pathein Than Hla said: “The people hope for a person who can manage best in leading Ayeyarwady Region government and who can really serve the people. As a local resident, I want current Social Affairs Minister Dr. Hla Myat Thway for this post."

Ayeyarwady Region Legislative Assembly Speaker Aung Kyaw Khaing told Mizzima: “We will convene an emergency session of our assembly on January 15. The Union will send the name of the new Chief Minister within days to us. We have to convene this emergency session for the change of Chief Minister. The Union has not yet sent a nomination for new Chief Minister”.

A local resident from Pathein Wai Lu said: “We expect only the person who can really work and who can really lead the government departments. A person from the current cabinet is more suitable than the legislators. The person with administrative experience will be more suitable. Dr. Hla Myat Thway in cabinet will be more suitable for this post.”

Dr. Hla Myat Thway worked as a lecturer in some domestic and foreign universities and she was elected to Ayeyarwady Region Legislative Assembly in the 2015 general elections. Then she was appointed as Social Affairs Minister in Ayeyarwady Region government.

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