Than Myint Aung urges people to use Facebook in a peaceful way

Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) member Than Myint Aung urged people to use Facebook in their organizational and activist work in a peaceful way as Myanmar is trying to bring peace to the country.

She said these words at a talk show held at the Orchid Hotel, Yangon on August 5 in the afternoon under the title ‘Pros and Cons of Using Facebook’.

“We can do organizational and instigation work on this Facebook social media platform. There is a bright side and a dark side in these organizational and instigation works. We can organize for both good and bad work. As our country is heading to the goal of peace I’d like to urge people to do these organizational and instigation works in a peaceful way and walk along the peaceful path,” she said during the talk show.

Advocate Thein Than Oo said that the social media platform Facebook did better in connecting people and facilitated the rapid flow of information in work for relief work in natural disasters. Moreover the current political situation was being reflected on Facebook and some were using this social media platform for political propaganda and political organizational work, he added.

“Some are pulling the rug from under the feet of the ruling government but people are so clever to realize their machinations and can avoid them. People do not support them. Facebook has a 60 percent bright side and a 40 percent dark side. The problem is who uses this platform for whom. The situation of the country is reflected on this social media platform. What issues are having problems and what is happening can be seen on Facebook posts. The battle between military dictators and pro-democracy people are being waged on this platform,” Advocate Thein Than Oo said.

Film academy award winner and actor Lu Min said that the people unburdened their feelings and dissatisfaction on Facebook as they needed an emotional outlet and then they were obsessed with this social media.

“The situation in our country is different from other countries. The people in our country need an outlet for their emotion. So many people use Facebook as their emotional outlet and then as they do not have a proper outlet to express their feelings and emotions, we have unnecessary greed, anger and ignorance which makes them addicted to this social media as if it were narcotic drug,” actor Lu Min said.

In the talk show, the panelists were writer and editor Win Nyein, YCDC committee member and writer Than Myint Aung, Advocate Thein Than Oo, film actor Lu Min, singer Thar Soe and  others including law experts.

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