Magwe NLD Chair issues notice to take legal action against defamation

The chairman of the ruling National League for Democracy party in central Myanmar’s Magwe region said on Wednesday that he issued a notice instructing regional bodies to take legal action against people who use Facebook to severely defame State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi or the regional and national governments, RFA reported.

When the Central Executive Committee (CEC) members of the NLD determine that someone has written something on social media or has undertaken another action that defames the state counselor or the government, they will discuss the matter with lawyers to decide whether the violation is severe enough for the party to press charges, Thein Zaw said.

Notices issued by NLD regional and township CECs should be confidential and not leaked to the public, Thein Zaw said, noting that his letter was publicly disseminated though he released it as an internal order, according to the report.

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