Six monks who protested and called for govt resignation released from prison

The monks have been released. Photo: Mizzima

The monks have been released. Photo: Mizzima

Six monks who were imprisoned for protesting and demanding the government resign were reportedly released from Obo prison yesterday.

These six monks staged a protest at Sasana 2500 Dhama Beikman and demanded for resignation of the government and they were imprisoned for this act.

They started their demonstration on August 2, 2107 and the authorities concerned arrested them on August 5 and then they were registered under section 505(b) of Penal Code and they were sentenced to one year and six months’ imprisonment later by Chanmya Tharsi Township court on December 27 that year.

One of these monks, Taungtharlay abbot U Agga Daza said, “We will continue our work of guarding our race and religion. This so-called democratic government banned the freedom of expression and freedom of publication and they imprisoned us. This is undemocratic and they are same as military dictators.”

These six monks who are released have a plan to visit flood victims and provide relief assistance to them. They also plan to call for the cancelling of arrest warrants issued to two monks and four laymen for joining in this demonstration with them together.

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