coronavirus in Singapore

Labourers are seen along stairwells at the North Coast Lodge foreign worker dormitory in Singapore, 17 April 2020. Photo: EPA
21 April 2020
Singapore reported a record daily jump of more than 1,400 coronavirus cases Monday,...
Trial of plasma enrichment technique to treat COVID-19 patients will start in 2-3 days: Kejriwal ANI Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that doctors will soon start the trial of plasma therapy to treat the coronavirus patients in the national capital. Addressing a press conference he said, "The trial of plasma enrichment technique will start in the next 3-4 days. If successful, we can save the lives of serious COVID-19 patients." He said that the Delhi government on April 14 had sought pe
17 April 2020
Singapore late Thursday reported a record jump in coronavirus cases, most of them linked...
Trade-reliant Singapore is typically among the first countries to be hit during global crises because of its small and open economy (AFP Photo/Roslan RAHMAN)
26 March 2020
Singapore's economy, a bellwether for trade-reliant Asian countries, suffered its worst...