Airstrikes hit Chin National Front headquarters for second day running

14 January 2023
Airstrikes hit Chin National Front headquarters for second day running
Myanmar's junta has carried out air strikes on the headquarters of the Chin National Front (CNF) near the border with India on 11 January 2023.

The Myanmar junta launched a series of airstrikes on Camp Victoria, the Chin National Front/Chin National Army (CNF/CNA) headquarters, in Thantlang Township, Chin State, for the second day running on 11 January.

At about 5:00 p.m. on 11 January three fighter jets dropped two bombs onto Camp Victoria.

Salai Htet Ni, a CNF/CNA spokesperson said to Mizzima: “This time they shot at the areas where hospital staff and CDM people were staying. No one was harmed.”

There were no casualties, but two houses in the camp caught fire.

Only two of the three fighter jets which came to attack the camp dropped their bombs. The third plane turned away before it could drop its bombs after the CNF fired at it, according to Salai Htet Ni.

The previous day, 10 January, two junta fighters dropped five bombs on the camp, one of which landed on Indian territory. Five CNA soldiers, including two women died in that attack and least another 10 were injured.

Junta surveillance photos used to plan attacks, including ones of Camp Victoria, were leaked on 7 November 2022. The photos were from Google Maps, military maps and photos taken by reconnaissance planes. They showed 14 military positions and civilian areas, all of which are believed to be targets for bomb attacks.