Five Karenni fighters killed in eastern Demoso Township fighting

24 May 2023
Five Karenni fighters killed in eastern Demoso Township fighting

Five Karenni resistance fighters including a Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) deputy platoon commander have been killed whilst fighting Myanmar junta soldiers in eastern Demoso Township, Karenni State.

The fighting near to Taneelarle Village in eastern Demoso Township between the junta army and the Karenni defence forces of the Karenni Army (KA) and the KNDF started on 14 May. It was still ongoing at the time of reporting, 22 May.

According to the KNDF four of its fighters were killed. One died on 15 May, the deputy platoon commander, Maung Francisco (aka Jarja) was killed on 18 May and two other fighters were killed on 19 May.

"The fighting is fierce on both sides. Beginning on 14 May, things started to get quite intense. Almost every day, the Military Council has carried out an airstrike. Day and night, heavy weapons are also fired. These rounds are specifically fired into the battle area from the military bases of Loikaw and Demoso”, said a KNDF representative.

According to the KA spokesperson, Khu Nyae Reh, one KA fighter has been killed in the fighting.

He added: “The Military Council side has also suffered a significant number of casualties. We are still verifying the number of Junta soldiers who have died, and once we have that information, we will make an announcement.”

There have been reports of property damage and injuries to civilians in villages near the fighting, as a result of junta airstrikes.

According to reports, in eastern Demoso Township, nine homes in Dawlyarkhu Village and one school in Phelyar Village were damaged by junta airstrikes on 18 May.

At the time of reporting, 22 May, junta troops were still stationed in villages in eastern Demoso Township.