Spring Revolution Daily News for 16 September 2022 

16 September 2022
Spring Revolution Daily News for 16 September 2022 

The National Unity Government (NUG) 

  • The NUG Minister of Defence claimed that there were often cases of information leakage among PDF members. He also warned them not to use social media in as carefree a way as civilians do. 
  • According to the NUG Representative Office in Japan, they will negotiate with the Japanese government over the visa, residence permits and passport matters of Myanmar people who do not wish to extend their documents at the junta Embassy. 
  • Reportedly, 270 Myanmar workers were fired from the electronics factory in Nawan Nakhon in Pathum Thani District, Thailand. With guidance from the NUG Ministry of Labor to help resolve the problem using existing laws in Thailand, the AAC led by Ko Ye Min contacted local labor departments and factory representatives. They then went to the factory and managed to help laid-off workers to get compensation worth over 5 million Baht. 
  • On Tuesday, the NUG Ministries of Education; Women, Youth and Children; and Human Rights released a joint statement saying that a Save the Children report about the impacts on education by soldiers being stationed at schools and fighting, seemed to be saying that revolutionary forces used schools and treated them as badly as junta forces, which might mislead the international community. 
  • On International Democracy Day, the National League for Democracy (NLD) sent a statement to the ceremony organized by Committee Representing Pyitaungsu Hluttaw saying that the arrests targeting media people at the time of the coup were a symbol of the destruction of democracy. 

Revolutionary Activities 

  • In Khin-U Township in Sagaing Region, local people marched on Thursday for recognition of the NUG and for the United Nations to keep U Kyaw Moe Tun as Myanmar’s Ambassador. 
  • On their 553rd day of protest, a combined rally from Salingyi North and Yinmabin East marched against the military dictatorship on Thursday. 
  • In Monywa Township, the junta army raided Nagardwin Village on Wednesday morning and set fire to 19 houses. 
  • In Yinmabin Township, there was a clash between the junta army and local PDF near 5 Mile tollbooth at 10:00 am Wednesday. Reportedly, 2 PDF members lost their lives. 
  • In Kalay Township, the People’s Health Organization – Kalay checked the health of the public and PDF comrades, and provided financial support. 
  • In Pale Township, there were battles near Mwaytone Village for two consecutive days. On Thursday, Yinmabin District Black Leopard Guerrilla made a statement about them. 
  • In Tontay Township in Yangon Region, Soe Aung, the junta administrator of Tawku Village, was shot dead at his house on Wednesday night. 
  • In Sanchaung Township, there was an explosion near the administration office in Kyungdaw Taung Ward at about 8:30 pm on Wednesday. 
  • For their mission, SRF(Spring Revolution Flames) has been conducting a Jewellery Campaign from 7 to 20 September. Reportedly, they would sell 1,000 raffle tickets at 10,000 MMK per ticket. 
  • On 4 September, four families from Zeephyugone Village in Tontay Township were arrested on the Yangon to Mandalay Highway. 
  • Ma Htet Htet Khine, a former reporter for BBC Media Action, was sentenced to three years in prison with hard labor on a charge of violating Section 505 (a). 
  • On Thursday, local PDFs conducted their second attack using drones on junta vessels in the Ayeyarwaddy River. 
  • In Yegyi Township in Ayeyarwaddy Region, U Kyaw Thein Win, the junta administrator of Zayathla Village, was shot dead at about 3:00 pm on Wednesday. 
  • In Ngapudaw Township, the junta armed forces arrested six Rakhine people in Zichaing Village on Tuesday. 
  • In Myaing Township in Magwe Region, the MVRS attacked eight members of the junta police on patrol on Wednesday afternoon. Reportedly, a policeman named Shin Kant Thu died and some weapons were confiscated. 
  • In Myaing Township, PDFs fired mortars at the junta army stationing in Thayetkan Village at 2:00 am on Wednesday. Reportedly, two junta members died. 
  • On Wednesday, the one-year anniversary of the Myaing Villages Revolution Front (PDF) was successfully celebrated. 
  • In Pakkoku Township, a Pyu Saw Htee convoy was attacked with mines on the Myitchay to Kyungchaung Road on Wednesday morning. Reportedly, two of them died and another one was seriously injured. 
  • According to the Southern Monitor, there were 41 peaceful movements against the military dictatorship in some townships of Tanintharyi Region in August. 
  • In Yebyu Township, the junta army took away two men in Hnangywe Village on Thursday morning. 
  • As a part of Nan Htike Aung Operation, Pyi District PDF shot dead a junta administrator in Paungte Township at 6:30 pm on Wednesday. 
  • According to Mobye PDF on Thursday, the junta army, which had retreated after suffering great losses, invaded the area again. 

Ethnic Armed Organisations 

  • On Wednesday, the Chief Military Officer of the DKBA and the Vice-Chair of the KNU/KNLA-PC were in Naypyitaw to discuss peace with the junta leader Min Aung Hlaing. 
  • In Kyaukgyi Township in Nyaunglebin District, the junta army conducted three air strikes on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
  • In the Kawthoolei Administration Area under the Karen National Union (KNU), the junta armed forces shot dead a civilian, forced the villagers to move elsewhere and confiscated 36 local people’s phones. 
  • On Wednesday night, the Arakan Army (AA) released an emergency statement that there might be heavy across all of Rakhine State. 
  • The ULA/AA announced that they would inspect vehicles on on roads and rivers, due to military conditions. After that, the Shwepyitan Waterway Transportation stated that it would suspend its services for an unlimited time. 
  • On the border of Shan and Karenni states, the junta army, which had retreated from Mobye, stepped on a variety of mines set by the Karenni combined force. On Wednesday, KNDF B-07 announced that seven junta soldiers died in the incident. 
  • On Thursday, the Pa-O National Liberation Organization (PNLO) condemned the PNO for arresting and killing five PNLO members who had joined the junta peace discussion. 

The Military Council 

  • The junta Ministry of Home Affairs told other ministries that serious action would be taken against junta ministry staff if they had passports without the permission from their ministries. 
  • The military junta instructed their air force to get ready for the full capacity of fighter jets and military helicopters. 
  • On Wednesday, the Chair of the junta Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) said that they would continue to help stabilise the local gold market and foreign currency market. 
  • According to the junta labor department in Bangkok, they have been doing CI extensions for Myanmar workers in Thailand in four districts starting from Thursday. 
  • The junta Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo reviewed and published 624 vacancies from 227 job offers. 
  • Reportedly, about 900 people renew their passports every day at the junta Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok. 
  • According to the military junta, 14 men and two women from PDFs took legal refuge with the junta on Wednesday. 
  • Reportedly, the junta Myanmar Press Council was removed from the Southeast Asian Press Council Network (SEAPC-Net). 
  • The military junta has been arranging to close down IDP camps all across Shan State by the end of October at the latest. 

Summary on 16 September 

  • According to an emergency statement by the AA, there might be fighting all over Rakhine State. 
  • The junta pillars and armed forces, have faced daily attacks throughout the country. Reportedly, they have suffered great losses. 
  • With fighting all over the country, the junta armed forces have faltered.