Spring Revolution Daily News for 22 May 2023

22 May 2023
Spring Revolution Daily News for 22 May 2023

The National Unity Government (NUG)

  • The Union Minister of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Risks Management- NUG expressed his concern that the aides provided by ASEAN would not equally reach the victims of Cyclone Mocha in areas with anti-junta revolution. He also called on the ASEAN to be fair in its activities.
  • The Deputy Minister of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Risks Management- NUG told the revolutionary forces to avoid activities that would make the junta army conduct airstrikes.
  • In a meeting of the United Nations on Friday, Myanmar’s Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun stated that the military junta had been preventing humanitarian assistance from reaching the public.

Revolutionary Activities

  • In Sagaing Region, a combined rally of Ayadaw Township General Strike and Monywa General Strike conducted a guerrilla protest on Sunday, chanting anti-junta slogans.
  • On Sunday morning, a rally of Yinmabin North marched against the military dictatorship.
  • In Kantbalu Township, the junta army burnt three local villages.
  • In the north of Sagaing Township, the junta armed forces have been invading the area. Consequently, local people have had to run away. On Sunday, a car of displaced people turned over, killing a woman and leaving 6 people injured.
  • In Mawlight Township, there was heavy fighting between the junta army and local PDFs on Saturday evening. Afterwards, the military junta conducted aerial bombing and fired mortars.
  • In Shwebo Township, there was an attack via drone and mortars on the junta armed forces on Friday afternoon. Reportedly, a junta soldier died.
  • In Khin-U Township, local PDFs confiscated junta army products worth 400 lakh MMK and destroyed them.
  • In Sagaing Township, a guerrilla force arrested 3 Pyusawti members in Nyaungzin Village at about 11:00 pm Thursday. As the men tried to run away, they were shot dead.
  • In Banmauk Township, there was a local battle on Saturday. Reportedly, the junta army conducted two aerial bombings.
  • Saw Pho Kwar, a vocalist who was arrested since the military coup on 1 February 2021, was released on Saturday.
  • In Thabaitgyin Township of Mandalay Region, there was a mine attack on a junta convoy in the Dagaung Area.
  • In Ayeyarwady Region, Gyankhine Township Strike Committee led an anti-junta movement.
  • In Pulaw Township of Taninthayi Region, the PDFs attacked the junta militia in Kyauk Taung Village at about 10:00 pm Friday. Reportedly, they also burnt the junta administration office.
  • In Dawei, Ko Kyaw Thura, a resident of Daung Ngu Ward, was arrested on 15 May. Reportedly, he died in the interrogation and his body was discarded.
  • In Usan in South Korea, a combined rally of Korean and Myanmar people protested against Myanmar’s military dictatorship on Sunday.
  • According to the Footsteps of the Spring, they sold a collection of revolutionary poems themed ‘The Spring Footsteps amidst the Flame’. They then donated 20 lakh MMK, which they earned from the sale, to the revolutionary forces.
  • In Melbourne of Australia, Support for Myanmar from Australia and Singapore organized a fund-raising sale for IDPs and revolutionary forces in the upcountry region.

Ethnic Armed Organisations

  • On the 65th anniversary of Shan Revolution Day, General Yawd Serk, the Chair of the RCSS, stated that Shan revolution is still far from its destination and he expressed his shock about the lack of victory.
  • General Yawd Serk claimed that the revolution has been long-lasting since many people took advantage of instability to do illegal business and successive governments could not control them.
  • On Sunday morning, there was an event in commemoration of the 65th anniversary of Shan Revolution Day at the headquarters of the SSPP.
  • In Maukme Township of Shan South, there were exchanges of fire between the RCSS and the PNLO on Sunday morning.
  • In Yay Township of Mon State, there were battles between the junta army and a combined force of the Karen National Union + PDFs on Friday and Saturday.
  • In Karenni State, the funeral of the second commander of KNDF Regiment (9) was conducted on Saturday. Reportedly, he lost his life in a battle against the junta army on 18 May.

The Military Council

  • On Saturday morning, well-wishers donated cash for the rehabilitation of the victims of Cyclone Mocha for the second time at Yangon Regional Military Headquarters. Present on the occasion was the junta leader Min Aung Hlaing. Reportedly, they received 20 billion MMK in total.
  • In Hleku Township of Yangon Region, the junta leader inspected the project of Korea Myanmar Industrial Complex and the maintenance of the National Conference Union Hall on Saturday afternoon.
  • On Saturday, the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar donated humanitarian aid worth 100,000 Yuan for the victims of Cyclone Mocha.
  • In Rakhine State, there would be power supply via generators whilst powerlines which had been damaged by the cyclone are being rebuilt.
  • The military junta announced on Saturday night that it had arrested 10 members of the Yangon Revolution Force, who had assassinated the Deputy Director General of the junta Union Election Commission.
  • In Kyaikto Township of Mon State, the junta army destroyed a road to the headquarters of the junta army regiment (44) on Saturday night.

Summary on 22 May

  • Using the excuse of rehabilitating storm-hit areas and victims, the military junta has been collecting local and international donations. Nevertheless, it has not been able to clean up in Sittway, the capital of Rakhine State.
  • General Yawd Serk, the Chair of the RCSS, gave various excuses and blamed other forces for the lack of success in the Shan revolution. However, he himself does not take part in the Spring Revolution of the public. Instead, he just maintains close relations with the military junta.