Spring Revolution Daily News for 23 May 2023

23 May 2023
Spring Revolution Daily News for 23 May 2023

The National Unity Government (NUG)

  • According to E- Police Station, an alliance of the People’s Police Force provided rice and tarpaulins to displaced people in Madayar Township of Mandalay Region.
  • After the trip to New Zealand, the Union Minister of Human Rights- NUG arrived back at Perth, Australia on Saturday.
  • At 10:00 am Sunday, there was a meeting between the Central Committee on the Interim Public Administration- NUG and Township People’s Administrations from Taninthayi Region, Ayeyarwady Region and Bago Region.

Revolutionary Activities

  • In Monywa Township of Sagaing Region, 2 junta policemen from Thazi Police Station were shot at close range. Reportedly, one of them died.
  • In Sartaung, local PDFs raided the junta police station in town at about 6:00 pm Sunday.
  • In Wetlet Township, there was a surprise attack on the gate in front of Hladaw Police Station at close range. Reportedly, 7 junta police members died.
  • In the north of Yinmabin, there was a battle between the junta army and local PDFs near Nabudaw Village at about 6:00 am on Sunday.
  • In Yinmabin Township, a Pyusawti member, who defected to a local PDF together with weapons, was rewarded with 100 lakh MMK.
  • On Monday, Taze Township General Strike marched against the military dictatorship.
  • On Monday morning, a rally from Yinmabin North marched against the military dictatorship.
  • In Thayarwady Township of Bago Region,two junta hundred-household leaders were shot dead in Ywathit Village.
  • In Thandaung under Karen National Union Brigade (2) in Kayin State, 7 local people from Ward (1), who had been arrested by the junta army, were released.
  • In Dagon Seikkam Township of Yangon Region, Zaw Lwin, the junta administrator with a bad reputation, and two hundred-household leaders of Ward (88) were shot dead.
  • In Pakkoku of Magwe Region, there were mine attacks on the weapon warehouse at junta army Regiment (101). Reportedly, there were a large number of casualties among junta soldiers.
  • In Munich of Germany, Myanmar people led a multi-religious prayer event and an anti-junta march.
  • According to Justice for Myanmar, the family members of Myo Myint Oo, the junta Minister of Energy, have been gaining benefits from international energy companies.
  • In Ayeyarwady Region, Kyankhine Township Strike Committee conducted a protest against the military dictatorship, holding anti-junta signs.
  • In Italy, there was a rally on Sunday, calling on the G7 member states to take action against Myanmar’s military junta.
  • In Thatone Township of Mon State, PDFs attacked with 40mm grenades at the junta army gate near Inshay Village At about 6:00 pm Sunday.

Ethnic Armed Organisations

  • By the two-year anniversary of the founding of the Chin National Organization/ Chin National Defence Force, up to 32 members have sacrificed their lives in the fight for the liberation of Chin nationalities, equality and self-determination.
  • In Lashio Township of Shan North, there was a local battle between the junta army and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army near Panmun Village.
  • In the east of Dimawso Township in Karenni State, the KNDF lost 4 members in local battles over a week.

The Military Council

  • In his inspection tour on Sunday, the junta leader Min Aung Hlaing said that it was necessary to take into account safety and earthquake resilience as the approach road to Korea-Myanmar Friendship Bridge (Dala) is too close to public’s houses.
  • On Sunday, the delegation led by the junta Minister of Economics and Commerce attended the lunch hosted by the Party Secretary of Yunnan Province in Kunming. Reportedly, they discussed the swift and smooth trade flow between the two countries.
  • The junta leader claimed that upon completion of the Bago River Bridge (Thanlyin Bridge No. 3), it would be easier to access Pha-Ang and Myawaddy.
  • The junta propaganda team announced that members of the Royal Phoenix Guerrilla Force- RPGF, who had committed assassinations in Mandalay and Sagaing, were arrested together with explosives.
  • The military junta announced that permits would be revoked if all grantees fail to report or be reviewed for their activities at Nyaung Hnabin Agriculture and Livestock Special Zone.
  • The junta leader claimed that local donations alone accounted for 20 billion MMK for the rehabilitation of the areas hit by the Cyclone Mocha.

Summary on 23 May

  • The international community is still not properly placing sanctions on the income source of the military junta from oil and gas enterprises. With such money, the junta army has been killing the public.
  • Since the coup, the military junta has been constantly burning the public’s property and killing the people. For this reason, the international community needs to take effective action.