Spring Revolution Daily News for 25 May 2023

25 May 2023
Spring Revolution Daily News for 25 May 2023

The National Unity Government (NUG)

  • In Khin-U Township of Sagaing Region, junta army products were confiscated and destroyed.
  • At 10:00 am Tuesday, there was a meeting between the People’s Police Force under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration- NUG and the People’s Security Forces from Sagaing Region and Magwe Region.
  • At a meeting of the International Aid Coordination Commission, the Acting President of the NUG stated that it is necessary to make an effort for pro-active engagement with the international organisations which will provide the most humanitarian assistance.

Revolutionary Activities

  • The US Embassy announced that additional assistance worth 17 million USD would be provided via partner organizations to the victims of the Cyclone Mocha.
  • In Pekone Township of Shan South, the junta army conducted aerial bombings twice on Lwe Wine Village at about 10:00 pm Tuesday.
  • In Longlone Township of Taninthayi Region, the PDFs attacked 3 junta departments on Tuesday. Reportedly, the second immigration officer died in the incident and 4 local people were arrested by the junta army.
  • According to Burma Campaign UK on Tuesday, 5 UK insurance companies were blacklisted for their services on the fuel oil import to Myanmar’s military junta.
  • The Institute for Strategies and Policies of Myanmar announced on 17 May that there had been 9,347 battles throughout the country for over two years after the military coup and 45% of them broke out in Phapun Township of Kayin State.
  • According to local people, they have not yet had enough assistance in Rakhine State, which was severely hit by Cyclone Mocha.
  • On Tuesday, the junta army arrested Wai Hin Aung, a local writer and social worker helping the storm victims in Rakhine State, he was released the next day.
  • According to social groups on the ground, most storm victims in Rakhine State have not received assistance from the military junta.
  • The International Court of Justice extended the deadline up to 3 more months for the junta’s submission of a response to the case of genocide against Rohingya people.
  • In Ingapu Township of Ayeyarwady Region, a junta administrator was stabbed to death in Mezaligone on Tuesday evening.
  • In Bankmauk Township of Sagaing Region, local PDFs announced that there would be financial rewards for junta soldiers who defect to them and they would be sent to wherever they wish.

Ethnic Armed Organisations

  • In Dweloe Township of Phapun District in Kayin State under the Karen National Union- KNU Brigade (5), the Karen National Liberation Army attacked the camp of the junta Border Guard Force between Kateti Village and Tikasawme Village.
  • In Mone Township under control of the KNU Brigade (3), there have been up to 21,880 displaced people.
  • In Kawkarait Township of Kayin State, the junta army conducted an aerial attack via fighter jet on Kale Lawgye Village. Reportedly, a church was damaged.

The Military Council

  • According to the junta education office in Rakhine State, basic education schools will be opened as planned in Rakhine State, which was severely hit by Cyclone Mocha.
  • In Mingaladone Township of Yangon Region, the junta soldiers and police have been confiscating motorbikes and battery-run bicycles. Reportedly, they keep new ones for themselves and demand money to give back old ones.
  • The junta Rakhine State Government claimed that they got started with activities to help the rehabilitation of storm victims in Rakhine State.
  • The second junta leader, Soe Win, offered certificates to 152 outstanding monks who had passed the 75th religious exam.
  • The junta Ministry of Education announced that over 1.3 million primary students had been enrolled on the very first day for 2023-24 academic year.
  • According to the junta Ministry of Immigration and Population, a test census would be collected in 20 townships in October 2023.

Summary on 25 May

  • The military junta claimed that they have started the provision of assistance to storm victims. In reality, local people stated that they have not had enough help. It highlights the mismanagement of the junta army and a lack of goodwill towards the public.
  • The military junta arrested social workers helping the storm victims. In addition, they hampered the entry of the United Nations and international organisations. They will also open schools as planned. It shows their inhumane attitude.