Cyclone Mocha destroyed 3,338 buildings in Chin State

25 May 2023
Cyclone Mocha destroyed 3,338 buildings in Chin State

Cyclone Mocha destroyed at least 3,338 buildings in Chin State, according to figures released by the Interim Chin National Consultative Council (ICNCC), on 23 May.

Cyclone Mocha hit Chin State on 14 May. According to reports it ripped roofs off and destroyed houses, schools, religious buildings, and barns. Roads connecting villages were also blocked by landslides

The INCC compiled its list of the damage caused by collating information from humanitarian and disaster management officers in Chin State townships.

According to the INCC Cyclone Mocha affected eight of the nine townships in Chin State. The only township unaffected by the cyclone was Tonzang Township.

Of the 3,338 buildings destroyed by the cyclone, there were: 2,774 houses, 185 schools, 102 religious buildings, 12 places where people could receive medical treatment, 259 barns and six auditoriums.

In addition, 69 domestic animals, including buffalo, cows, chickens, ducks, pigs and goats, where reported killed by the cyclone.

“There is initial assistance for the cyclone victims. Now that we have finalized data collection, we are going to act on that data in cooperation with the [National Unity Government (NUG)] Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management”, an ICNCC member said to Mizzima.

He added that roof tiles, nails, tarps, and waterproof canvas are needed to repair damaged buildings and that villages, where rice barns have been destroyed, are also in urgent need of rice, basic food and medicine.

The INCC has called on local and foreign organisations to donate aid.

ICNCC, which was formed on 13 April 2021 by Chin politicians, armed groups and civil society organisations opposed to the Myanmar junta. Currently, the ICNCC has formed two committees, a Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Committee and a Covid-19 Response Coordination Committee and it has said it will form more committees as they are needed.