Two police officers killed in Sagaing checkpoint drone attack

25 May 2023
Two police officers killed in Sagaing checkpoint drone attack

Resistance forces killed two police officers and injured another three in a drone attack on a military checkpoint on the Mandalay to Monywa road in Sagaing Region.

At about 4:00 p.m. on 21 May five bombs were dropped from two drones onto the Kantalu Checkpoint, located three miles from Sagaing Township and not far from the Light Infantry Division 33 base, according to the Unicorn Guerilla Force, which said that two police officers died and three more were injured in the attack.

It also said that it had carried out the attack because junta police officers and soldiers at the checkpoint had been demanding money from residents and travelers and arresting defence force members.

"According to our military informants, two policemen were killed and three others were injured. At that checkpoint, revolutionary soldiers were frequently arrested and military equipment for resistance forces was frequently seized”, said a Unicorn Guerilla press officer.

Following the attack, at 5:00 p.m. the same day, junta soldiers arrived and started randomly firing in the area of the checkpoint.

According to locals, security was ramped up at the checkpoint following the attack and junta soldiers are carrying out patrols in the area.

A Sagaing resident said: "In the aftermath of the assault, the checkpoint is being watched. Since 21 May, army soldiers have been conducting midnight guest registration list checks in the villages near the Kantalu toll gate.”

The defence forces that carried out the attack were the Unicorn Guerilla Force, Phoenix SGG, Black Cat Force, and the Fight For Federal Force.