Kokang commander says KIA helping in the fight

04 March 2015
Kokang commander says KIA helping in the fight

The head of Kokang rebel forces in Myanmar has implicated a neighbouring armed ethnic group as helping in its struggle against the army, according to Voice of America on March 3.
In an exclusive interview in Mandarin with Peng Daren, the commander of Kokang rebels, the Kachin Independence Army was fingered as one of the groups who are fighting alongside his forces in northern Shan State.
"We ourselves have more than 3,000 soldiers. If, counting four other ethnic groups including Kachin Independence Organization, who are helping us, we have 4,000-5,000 soldiers in total," Peng Daren told VOA.
The Kachin Independence Army has been at pains to deny its involvement in the bitter fighting in the Kokang region. It has its own battles to fight against the Myanmar military in Kachin State, it claims.