Saturday, May 20 2017

To nurture local talent and help address the increasing demand for skilled communications practitioners, award-winning ...

Tuesday, January 10 2017

On a recent afternoon, the beach at Jatetaw Village was bustling with fishermen hauling their boats ashore and ...

Thursday, January 5 2017

Floating in a balloon above the serene temples of Bagan, you would be forgiven for thinking Myanmar is the perfect ...

Wednesday, September 21 2016

Carrying her wages in wads of cash across Myanmar was once a risky, onerous but unavoidable ritual for maid Khin Myint Oo. 

Saturday, September 17 2016

here has been much commentary surrounding the development, conception, and now the roll out of the New Silk Road (One Belt One Road) by China. 

Saturday, July 9 2016

Optimism is abundant as Myanmar’s virtual and physical connectivity burgeons, especially for trailblazer MYPAY.

Monday, March 7 2016

Myanmar has experienced dramatic changes economically and politically over the past few years.

Sharky, right, takes a great deal of care in training his staff.
Saturday, February 20 2016

For 16 years, Sharky’s has satisfied Yangonite’s cravings for delectable cheeses, breads, gelato and cured meats, to name but ...

Monday, January 25 2016

There is a small hut with a thatched roof overlooking the Andaman Sea in Dawei, Tanintharyi Region. Near the hut, there is a milestone ...

How will the climate deal affect oil and gas drilling in Myanmar? Photo: EPA
Wednesday, December 23 2015

Developing countries such as Myanmar will face increasing difficulty expanding their electricity supply using conventional fossil fuels oil, ...


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