Wednesday, January 3 2018

China plans to launch a natural gas exchange in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality in early 2018, aiming to create an Asian price benchmark ...

Sunday, December 3 2017

Two Myanmar Chief Ministers have invited global investors to be a part of Myanmar’s economic growth story.

Wednesday, November 29 2017

Biases in the workplace need to be addressed in order for women to play a fuller role in the workplace around the world.

Saturday, September 30 2017

A new road-rail freight transportation route has opened, delivering international cargo from Southeast Asia to Europe via southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. 

Thursday, September 21 2017

Japanese seasoning and food maker Ajinomoto Co has restarted sales of its namesake seasoning in Myanmar through a local subsidiary, aiming to cater to ...

Monday, September 11 2017

Symbolising the growing hydrocarbon engagement between India and Myanmar, the first consignment of 30 MT of High Speed Diesel was sent today from ...

Saturday, September 2 2017

At a forum held in Yangon to celebrate and discuss 70 years of India-Myanmar relations, a key message to come out being the need to substantially increase connectivity, trade and diplomatic relations between the two neighbours.

Parami Roundtable and Mizzima Media Group organised the first India-Myanmar Dialogue ‘Act East Policy and India-Myanmar Relations’ at Park Royal Hotel on 2 September 2017 to commemorate the 70 years of India-Myanmar relations.

Friday, September 1 2017

Participants at a Yangon roundtable discussion today point to largely untapped opportunities for trade, communication and cultural exchange in ...

Friday, September 1 2017

Bangladesh is looking to import rice from Myanmar to tide over an impending food crisis caused by devastation of croplands by floods.

Friday, September 1 2017

The first consignment of high speed diesel from India will reach Myanmar on Sept 3 ,Parami Energy CEO Ken Tun said on Friday.


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