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Thursday, June 14 2018

A one-off women-only tour of Myanmar is being promoted by ICS Travel Group this December, travel website TTR Weekly reported on 13 June.

Tuesday, June 12 2018

Following 18 months of extensive restorations and the addition of three new buildings housing a library, auditorium and cafeteria, the colonial-era ...

Saturday, June 2 2018

The China-ASEAN Music Week kicked off in southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region this week.  

Saturday, May 12 2018

Leeds United beat Myanmar's national side 2-0 on Friday, ending on a positive footballing note after a controversial visit to the Southeast Asian ...

Thursday, May 10 2018

Leeds United suffered an embarrassing 2-1 defeat Wednesday in the first friendly of a tour to Myanmar that has stoked controversy over whether ...

Wednesday, December 20 2017

An intricate maze covers the faces of the eldest ladies of the Lai Tu Chin people, still living in villages close to Mrak-U, in Rakhine state.

Tuesday, December 19 2017

The 2017 China Tibetan Culture Picture Exhibition kicked off in Myanmar's Shwedagon Pagoda on Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, December 19 2017

Riding elephants and horses in heavily bejewelled costumes, thick eyeliner and rouged lips, boys in central Myanmar parade through their village ...

Saturday, December 16 2017

Lasers cut across the sea of ravers bouncing to the beat at '808 Festival Yangon', as Asia's $1 billion EDM money machine careers into Myanmar, ...

Séverine Wemaere with iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve, the biggest attraction of Memory 2017.
Tuesday, November 14 2017

The Memory Film Festival, whose fifth edition just concluded in Yangon, is 'about opening up minds", says Severine Wemaere, ...


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