Karenni youths stage protest in prison

25 September 2019
Karenni youths stage protest in prison

At their 13th court appearance on September 24, six Karenni youths who were in judicial custody and charged with section 10 under the Protection of Freedom and Security of Citizens Law said that they recently staged protests in prison to call for the stopping of physical and mental torture on political prisoners.

One of these political prisoners, Dee Dee aka Sitt Mone said, “There are restrictions on getting information and banning prison visits of families in prison. Currently we are kept in a cell and not allowed to stay outside it  in the daytime.”

The Karenni youths demanded authorities stop physical and mental torture of political prisoners, recognize farmers who were charged with them as political prisoners, and stop inciting enmity between political prisoners and other prisoners.

In a demonstration on March 24, the Karenni youths had signed a statement saying the Kayah State government Chief Minister, Planning and Finance Minister and all members of Bogyoke statue committee are traitors to Karenni nationals and were then charged.