Myanmar-Thailand trade through Htikhee border falls

30 March 2020
Myanmar-Thailand trade through Htikhee border falls
Myawady Trade Zone is Myanmar’s second largest border trading post. Photo: MNA

Bilateral trade between Thailand and Myanmar through the Htikhee border between 1 October and 20 March in the 2019-2020 financial years sharply fell to US$973.28 million from $1.2 billion registered in the year-ago period, according to the Global New Light of Myanmar.

Citing Commerce Ministry data, the report says that over the five months period, exports through the Htikhee border stood at $959.16 million, while imports fell short of $14 million.

Exports of natural gas from Taninthayi Region added to the large increase in trade through the Htikhee border in the previous fiscal year, according to the ministry.