The value of imports declines for this FY

25 March 2019
The value of imports declines for this FY
Customers buying clothes and shoes at a shopping mall in downtown Yangon. Photo: AFP

The value of imports between 1 October, 2018 and 15 March, 2019 during the current fiscal year stood at US$8.14 billion, which declined by $511 million from the corresponding period in the last FY, according to data released by the Ministry of Commerce, state media reported.

Over the past five and half months, import values in the private sector were $502 million less than in the last FY, while the public sector witnessed a small increase.

Capital goods, such as auto parts, vehicles, machines, steel and airplane parts are import ed into the country, with estimated import values of $2.6 billion. This figure was down by $332.9 million compared to the same period in the last FY.