HEINEKEN Myanmar launches new beer

16 October 2017
HEINEKEN Myanmar launches new beer

HEINEKEN Myanmar has officially introduced a new beer in Myanmar for beer drinkers in search of new tastes and experiences. Tiger Crystal, a light lager, is a new variant of Tiger Beer, one of the country’s most-loved beers, according to company press release.
“At HEINEKEN Myanmar, we strive to bring more international choices and experiences to our consumers who are keen to explore new tastes. Tiger Crystal is an exciting addition to our portfolio and we hope people will enjoy trying this refreshing beer,” said Leen De Schutter, Marketing Director HEINEKEN Myanmar.
Tiger Crystal is brewed with special hops and uses a unique brewing process. The beer is filtered at a crystal cold temperature of minus one degree Celsius to lock in the most desirable flavours and aromas inherent to Tiger Beer, while providing a refreshingly crisp new sensation for discerning drinkers. It is also one of the first beers in Myanmar to have slightly lower alcohol content at 4.5%ABV.
 “Tiger Crystal, is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a more sophisticated beer experience. We’re
looking at young and curious drinkers to try this beer. It has a clean, refined taste and a packaging that
makes it stand out from the crowd,” said San Mai, Tiger Beer Brand Manager.
Tiger Crystal, available in a 330 ml flint bottle and a 330 ml can, is now available at supermarkets, bars and restaurants throughout Myanmar.