Business travellers can now get e-Visa to Myanmar

16 July 2015
Business travellers can now get e-Visa to Myanmar
Arriving foreign tourists line up at immigration at a busy Yangon International Airport in Yangon, Myanmar, 29 March 2012. Photo: Barbara Walton/EPA

The e-Visa system for visitors to Myanmar is now open to business travellers as of 1 July, travel website TRRweekly reported on 15 July.
It is a significant development for the e-Visa since its introduction last year as it opens the online service to high spending visitors many of whom are looking at investment opportunities or attending conferences.
For the business-visa-on-arrival, applicants must have an invitation letter from a Myanmar company that must be registered with the government, and be prepared to show a photograph and proof of identity. Payment is by credit card.
The e-Visa costs USD70, USD20 more than the business visa-on-arrival.
The letter of invitation and photograph need to be scanned as a jpeg file and then inserted in the online application form. The system offers secure credit card payments. There is a limit on the size of jpeg files and usually the only potential snag when applying online is when an applicant attempts to copy and paste files larger than the system can accept the report noted.