Arrests of migrant workers in Thailand see 1,200 return to Myanmar

Myanmar migrants return to the Kyauklonegyi camp in Myawady on 23 June, 2018.

Thai authorities arrested Myanmar migrant workers without valid documents and many of them have reportedly returned through the border at Myawady.

According to Kyauklonegyi camp in Myawady, 1,200 migrant workers have reportedly returned to Myanmar this week.

Soe Linn Aung, one of these returnees at Kyauklonegyi camp, said, “I came back here as I don’t want to work there anymore because the wage I got there was so low.”

He worked at a footwear factory in Thailand and he said that no one at his factory has been arrested so far.

Thai Police said in press statement that they arrested over 100 foreign workers who could not produce valid documents on June 22. Out of these over 100 foreign workers, 66 are Myanmar nationals.

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