Myanmar to accept over 600 refugees from Bangladesh

05 April 2018
Myanmar to accept over 600 refugees from Bangladesh
Rohingya refugees collect relief material next to a settlement near the 'no man's land' area between Myanmar and Bangladesh in Tombru in Bangladesh's Bandarban on February 27, 2018. Photo: Munir Uz Zaman/AFP

Immigration and Population Department, permanent secretary Myint Kyaing confirmed to Mizzima that they were ready to accept 675 refugees from Bangladesh.
Myint Kyaing confirmed this after verifying 8,032 names sent by Bangladesh with 800 refugees approved from the list. He added that they had already informed Bangladesh authorities.
Out of these 800 people, 685 people were found to have resided in Myanmar before fleeing to Bangladesh, and he alleged 10 of them were found to be terrorists who took part in violent attacks.
Myint Kyaing said, “We will receive the net amount of 675 people after putting aside these ten terrorists from this list. We will not accept 120 refugees as they don’t have evidence such as photos and household registration which can prove their residence in Myanmar before fleeing to Bangladesh.”
Bangladesh gave the list of 8,032 refugees to Myanmar after a meeting held in Bangladesh in February.